Rules & Regulations

Belvidere Regional Pool Rules

1.            NO RUNNING on concrete decks or walkways.

2.            Please respect the staff and each other. Parents are requested to caution their children to observe all instructions of the Pool Manager and Lifeguards.

3.            Rough play is not allowed anywhere on the Pool grounds.

4.            Children under the age of twelve (12) must be accompanied by an adult on Pool property at all times.

5.            Children who are not toilet trained MUST wear swim diapers while in the Pool or Baby Pool.

6.            Children should be encouraged to use the restroom before entering the water. Immediately report any “accidents” you observe in the bathing waters to a Lifeguard.

7.            Flotation devices are PROHIBITED in the deep end and diving well.

8.            Any child who cannot swim MUST be accompanied by an adult in water over their heads.

9.            There is NO LIFEGUARD on duty by the Baby Pool and children must be accompanied by an adult!

10.         Chairs and/or parked strollers are not allowed on the Pool deck.

11.         Food and beverages other than water are not allowed on the Pool deck or in the Pool.

12.         Glass containers are prohibited in the Pool area/Pool deck.

13.         Alcohol and other dangerous substances are prohibited at the Belvidere Pool. Anyone under the influence will be removed immediately and local authorities will be contacted.

14.         No pets are allowed on Pool property. Service animals are exempt from this rule.  No animals are allowed in the water.

15.         Do not spit or discharge bodily fluids in the Pool.

16.         Only one person at a time is allowed on the diving board and slide.

17.         Do not hang on any ropes or lane lines.

18.         Any open cuts or blisters must be properly bandaged with waterproof dressing before entering the Pool.

19.         All persons using Pool facilities do so at their own risk. The Pool will not be responsible for any accident or injury in connection with such use.

20.         The Pool will not be responsible for loss or damage to personal property. Please do not bring valuables to the Pool.

21.         Open fires and grills are not allowed on Pool property or in the parking lot.

22.         Diving is permitted in the diving well only.

23.         Please NO hanging on the basketball hoop!

24.         Littering is strictly prohibited. Please dispose of all trash and recycling in the proper receptacles.

25.         Smoking inside the Pool grounds is strictly prohibited. THIS INCLUDES ANY FORM OF VAPING.

26.         Fighting with or harassing another patron is prohibited and local authorities will be contacted.

27.         Profane language is prohibited.

28.         Vandalism is prohibited and will result in immediate dismissal from the Pool.

29.         The Pool may be closed at any time for weather. The Pool will be cleared immediately if lightning or thunder is present in or around the area. The Pool will remain closed until 30 minutes past the last visible lightning strike or episode of thunder.


**Violation of any of the above rules may result in ejection from the Pool and the possibility of your membership being revoked for the season.**

Diving rules are based upon the General Pool Rules and Regulations as per the New Jersey Department of Health (8:26-5.5 Diving in swimming pools):

(a) Diving rules shall be conspicuously posted in both words and symbols in the swimming pool area.  Diving shall be prohibited in water depths five feet or less.  Diving and non-diving areas shall be designated and posted with signs and symbols.

(b) Head-first diving entries during competitive swim meets and swim practices shall be permitted in less than five feet of water, provided the following standards are met:

The water depth of the swimming pool at the bulkhead at pool side where starting blocks are located shall be at least four feet;
Only the “flat dive”, also known as a “forward start” shall be used;
Signs shall be conspicuously posted to remind swimmers of the dangers of using any dive other than the flat dive, when diving into waters less than five feet deep;
Swimmers shall be under the direct supervision of the team swim coach;
Procedures shall be established to ensure that the diving blocks are not used by an untrained swimmer or by the public.

Diving Rules:

1.     No hanging off the ladder.
2.     One (1) person on Commission at a time.
3.     Others must wait at bottom of the ladder.
4.     Person on Commission must wait until the person before them reaches ladder or rope.
5.     Swimmers must not enter diving well other than off the diving Commission.
6.     One (1) bounce at the end of the diving Commission only.
7.     After swimmer jumps in, they must exit the diving well immediately.
8.     Swimmers must jump straight ahead off the diving Commission.
9.     No attempting to catch children jumping off the diving Commission.
10.  No flotation devices can be used when jumping off the diving Commission.
11.  No backflips, gainers, handstands, etc.

Slide Rules:

1.     One (1) person/child at a time.
2.     Others must wait at the bottom of the ladder.
3.     No water-wings, noodles or other floaties are allowed on the slide.
4.     Parents may help their child up the ladder and may catch them at the bottom of the ladder.
5.     Parents MAY NOT ride down the slide with their child.
6.     Guard must make sure “landing area” is clear (3’ circle surrounding slide) before letting next person down.
7.     There is no age or weight limit to go down the slide.
8.     Swimmers must go down feet first and on their backs.

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